April 2011

Board Meeting
Fountain Community Church
April 12, 2011

PRESENT -       Board:  Terri Clarke, Camille Hackler, Sheila Hardy, Paul de Jong, Marijo Martini, John McGarrity, Rick Qualls

MEETING NOTES8 March 2011 secretarial notes reviewed by Marijo Martini.  Motion to approve – approved by Paul de Jong and Camille Hackler.

TREASURER’S REPORT & UPDATESheila Hardy reviewed the financial report summary for the period of 3/08/11 to 4/12/11.           

MNAC:  Paul de Jong reviewed the following from the March 2011 MNAC meeting: 

  • Bellingham-Whatcom County Commission Against Domestic Violence Presentation
  • 2011 Comprehensive Plan Update – decision postponed this discussion until May. 
  • Process for Reviewing Incoming Plan Amendment Proposals – Sunnyland Neighborhood Assoc. Proposal.  Planning Commission not in favor of docketing this proposal.  SNA will address City Council directly.  Neighborhood wants appropriate zoning and feels four years is too long to wait for long-term zoning to be changed.
  • York and Birchwood reps want to know what neighborhoods can do to combat graffiti.

    BNYC (Bellingham Neighborhood Youth Club) UPDATERick Qualls reported that arson is suspected in two fires that occurred minutes apart at the Broadway Neighborhood Youth Center and Elizabeth Park Sunday afternoon, April 10.  The youth center fire started in the corner of a bathroom, possibly inside of a trash can.  The fire at the youth center ran out of fuel before firefighters arrived but still caused about $5,000 worth of damage.  Police suspect that a small group of middle-schoolers who were seen in the area may have started the fires.  If the repairs cannot be made within the week, the center will operate from another building on site.

    UPCOMING MEMBERSHIP MEETING:  Rick Qualls reported that Sgt. Robert Vander Yacht will be joining the next CPNA Membership Meeting to talk about the Bellingham Police Department’s neighborhood crime-fighting tool, the Anti Crime Team (ACT).  Sgt. Vander Yacht will also talk about where to field questions, reports, who to contact, etc.

    UPCOMING EVENTS:  The CPNA Board set the date for the annual picnic.  Date of picnic will be the second Tuesday in August (9 August 2011).  Theme, times, etc. are TBD.  Rick Qualls will call to reserve Broadway Park and Terri Clarke will begin contacting people who signed up on our volunteer list.  

    CPNA WEBSITE:  Marijo Martini and Rick Qualls will obtain the new web hosting for the new reported that the stated that the Northern Neighbors website will expire at the end of April.  Motion to approve Rick purchasing the domain name and CPNA’s webhost account was on approved by Camille Hackler and Terri Clarke. Marijo will work on obtaining domain name and website.  Next we will move to newsletters via e-mail.  Last newsletter will be in the next quarter.

    Meeting ended at 8:00 PM

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