The Cornwall Park Neighborhood Assocation (CPNA) was established on December 4, 1998 with the purpose:

  1. To promote a sense of community, enhance the livability, and protect the neighborhood character and quality of life for residents of the Cornwall Park neighborhood, and in the city of Bellingham, Washington;
  2. To provide an open forum for the Cornwall Park neighborhood residents to meet and discuss issues and to workk closely with government, business and other entities to address Cornwall Parks’ neighborhood concerns;
  3. To organize activities and disseminate information of interest and concern to residents of the Cornwall Park neighborhood; and
  4. To engage in other lawful acitvity deemed by the Association to be in the best interests of the Cornwall Park neighborhood.

Membership is open to all individuals eighteen years of age or older and who reside, own property, or own a business within the neighborhood association boundaries.  Each paid household member or business owner is entitled to one vote at the general membership meetings.  However, no individual is entitled to more than one vote and each property or business may not be represented by more than one vote.

Annual dues for individuals, family, and business memberships are due January 1 of each year and cost the following:

  • Individual:  $5.00
  • Family:  $10.00
  • Business:  $10.00

The Cornwall Park Neighborhood Association holds quarterly membership meetings each year and Board of Directors meetings every second Tuesday of each month at the Fountain Community Church (2100 Broadway in the Cornwall Park neighborhood).  All meetings of the Board are open to all members.

The Board of Directors are composed of no less than five (5) people.  The maximum number of Directors is thirteen (13).  The Board positions are divided as follows:

  1. Chair
  2. Vice Chair
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Area 1 Representative
  6. Area 2 Representative
  7. Area 3 Representative
  8. Area 4 Representative
  9. Neighborhood Representative to Mayor’s Advisory Commission
  10. At Large Representative Position 1
  11. At Large Representative Position 2
  12. At Large Representative Position 3
  13. At Large Representative Position 4

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  1. gina austin says:

    where do i send my membership dues and who do i make the check out to?

    • cor1113509292664 says:

      Hi Gina, I’m sorry for the late reply or if I already replied. I’ll get the address for you and send it to you via e-mail. Thanks!

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