March 2011

Board Meeting
Fountain Community Church
March 8, 2011

PRESENT -       Board:  Terri Clarke, Camille Hackler, Bill Hadley, Paul de Jong, Marijo Martini, John McGarrity, Rick Qualls

MEETING NOTES8 February 2011 secretarial notes reviewed by Marijo Martini.  Motion to approve – approved by Sheila Hardy and Terri Clarke.

TREASURER’S REPORT & UPDATEBill Hadley reviewed the financial report summary for the period of 1/01/11 to 3/08/11.  Sheila Hardy and Rick Qualls names will replace Bill Hadley on the Cornwall Park Neighborhood Association bank account.  Motion to approve request came from Camille Hackler and Terri Clarke.

CPNA WEBSITE:  Marijo Martini stated that the Northern Neighbors website will expire at the end of April.  Motion to approve CPNA’s new domain name and website as  Motion approved by Camille Hackler and Terri Clarke. Marijo will work on obtaining domain name and website.  Next we will move to newsletters via e-mail.  Last newsletter will be in the next quarter.

MNAC:  Paul de Jong reviewed the following from the February 2011 MNAC meeting: 

  • Comprehensive Plan Update/Plan amendment Proposals – update; performing the work by grouping chapters, starting with introduction and policies, then proceeding to land use and housing, transportation and capital facilities, environment and economic development, parks, trails and open space. Group agreed that consideration of comprehensive plan update material is separate from reviewing annual plan amendment proposals; the group will work as one on reviewing comprehensive plan update and use the subcommittee approach to review plan amendment proposals.
  • Automated Traffic Safety Cameras
  • Rental Licensing and Inspection Program
  • 2011 Skill-Building Workshop for Neighborhood Associations.  Paul de Jong to check schedule to see if he can attend.
  • Resource availability for Spring Cleaning
  • Increase of coal trains
  • Automated traffic safety cameras
  • Rental Licensing and Inspection Program
  • Urban Farming – CSA in Columbia Neighborhood

MEMBERSHIP MEETING PRESENTATIONS:  Rick Qualls would like to generate some ideas to present at the next Membership Meeting.  Some ideas suggested:

COAL TRAINS:  John McGarrity discussed that the Gateway Pacific bulk cargo terminal moves into the permitting process next month.  Proponents say as many as nine trains per day could rumble through the city on the way to the terminal, south of the BP Cherry Point refinery, ladened with coal and other bulk cargoes that would be loaded on large ships bound for China and other Asian markets. Those trains would have to return the way they came.  Concerns range from possible impact of heavy train vibrations on homes along Eldridge Ave., delays at crossings, as well as environmental impact.

SUNSET DOT SITE:  John McGarrity discussed that the Sunnyland Neighborhood Association submitted a request to docket a site specific comprehensive plan amendment and rezone for the former DOT site on Sunset Drive for 2011.  The request included a proposed rezone, a density increase and special regulations that would govern future development of the 4.9 acre site.  John suggested that the CPNA support Sunnyland in the rezone and would request a letter of support.

NORTH SHORE DEVELOPMENT:  John McGarrity discussed that a developer plans to build 138,000 square feet of medical office space, more than 5,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space and a parking garage north of St. Joseph hospital.  Mike Allsop and family plan to develop nine acres located just north of Bug Lake, near where Birchwood Avenue turns into Squalicum Parkway just north of the hospital.  Bellingham planners on decided the project wouldn’t need an environmental impact statement because, if developers meet certain conditions, the project won’t likely cause significant harm to the environment.  The developers will build an access street to connect where Birchwood and Squalicum Parkway intersect. The city plans to build a new street under Interstate 5 via an abandoned railroad underpass, and that new street will connect to Allsop’s street. On the east side of the freeway, the city’s new street will connect with James Street Road.

Meeting ended at 8:30 PM

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