Cornwall Park Courier

The May 2011 issue of the Cornwall Park Courier was the last physical newsletter delivered to your home.  If you’d like to receive updates of upcoming events, meetings or important issues happening in your neighborhood via e-mail, please send your name and e-mail address to  We will put you on the mailing list to receive e-mail noticifications.

Thanks for helping us save paper!

2 Responses to Cornwall Park Courier

  1. Lorraine Kirk says:

    I enjoy reading the printed newsletter but know having it on the internet is less costly.

    • cor1113509292664 says:

      Thank you for your comment, Lorraine. Your feedback is appreciated! Please note that the CPNA will print and deliver the newsletter to any resident without internet access. We’re currently building a small list to accommodate everyone just to make sure they’re informed of what’s happening in the Cornwall Park Neighborhood. Feel free to be an advocate for those that still need a physical copy of the newsletter. You can e-mail their address to

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