January 2011

Board Meeting
Fountain Community Church
January 11, 2011

PRESENT -       Board:  Terri Clarke, Camille Hackler, Bill Hadley, Paul de Jong, Jonathon Knowles, Marijo Martini, John McGarrity, Rick Qualls

Motion to approve 9 November 2010 secretarial notes by Marijo Martini – approved by Paul de Jong and Camille Hackler.

HISTORIC RESOURCE SURVEY & NATIONAL REGISTER DISTRICT NOMINATION:  Katie Franks from the City of Bellingham reported that in 2011 the Historic Resource Survey & Inventory project of the historic Broadway Park area in the Cornwall Park Neighborhood will begin.  The City of Bellingham has been awarded a grant from the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation to hire a consultant team who will complete the survey and nominate the areas as a district to the National Register of Historic Places.  National Register designation is honorary and imposes no regulations onto property owners.

MNAC:  Paul de Jong reviewed the following from the November 2010 MNAC meeting: 

  • Waterfront redevelopment project draft sub-area and anticipated next steps.  Items reviewed were the connections to downtown, transportation infrastructure, and the future marina.
  • Group tour of the waterfront redevelopment site
  • Process for reviewing incoming plan amendment proposals.  MNAC will not make docketing recommendations in 2011.
  • Round table discussion by Bellingham’s other neighborhood associations

ROLES/RESPONSIBILITIES OF BOARD TREASURER:  Bill Hadley reviewed his roles as stated in the bylaws and then reviewed what he did above and beyond the call of duty.  Any additional responsibilities completed by Bill must be absorbed by the appropriate persons on the board according to the bylaws.  The following are:

  • Membership records – now assigned to Vice Chair (Shelia Hardy)

In addition, the membership treasury address should change to a generic address.  This will keep records streamline for any future changes. 

Motion to approve Rick Qualls as the authorized person on the CPNA account.  Motion approved by Paul de Jong and Camille Hackler.

NEIGHBORHOOD EVENTS:  Reminder by Rick Qualls for everyone to submit a brief blurb on upcoming CPNA events for the upcoming newsletter.

Meeting ended at 8:30 PM

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