February 2011

Membership Meeting
Fountain Community Church
February 8, 2011

PRESENT -       Board:  Terri Clarke, Camille Hackler, Bill Hadley, Paul de Jong, Jonathon Knowles, Marijo Martini, John McGarrity, Rick Qualls

11 JANUARY 2011 MEETING NOTES11 January 2011 secretarial notes reviewed by Marijo Martini.  Motion to approve – approved by Paul de Jong and Camille Hackler.        

MNAC:  Paul de Jong reviewed the following from the January 2011 MNAC meeting: 

  • Waterfront redevelopment project draft sub-area and anticipated next steps.  Items reviewed were the connections to downtown, transportation infrastructure, and the future marina.
  • Group tour of the waterfront redevelopment site
  • Process for reviewing incoming plan amendment proposals.  MNAC will not make docketing recommendations in 2011.
  • Viking Community Builders is a student club that was founded last year, for WWU students wanting to get involved in the community.  Encourages neighborhood associations to invite students living in their neighborhoods to get involved with their association boards.
  • City will jointly host two neighborhood meetings to present the split of the Mt. Baker Neighborhood into two new neighborhoods (Irongate and Barkley) with a small change to King Mountain boundaries.
  •  Discussed info. on being part of the Neighborhood Block Watch Program.
  • Graffiti is on the rise. Most but not all graffiti could be gang-related. There are several agencies and departments working on addressing graffiti.
  • Round table discussion by Bellingham’s other neighborhood associations

HISTORIC RESOURCE SURVEY & NATIONAL REGISTER DISTRICT NOMINATION:  Katie Franks from the City of Bellingham City reported that officials plan to hire a consultant to study historic homes in the Broadway Park area, in anticipation of applying for what would be the city’s seventh national historic district.  Franks said the consultant will get started early in 2011, when the city will likely upload a project page on its website with more information. The grant runs through August 2011.  Once the historic district status is applied for, the state Historic Preservation Advisory Council likely will provide a recommendation on the application late next year or early in 2012. The recommendation goes to the keeper of the National Register of Historic Places, where historic districts are listed.

65-ACRE BROADWAY PARK PLAT PRESENTATION:  Jeff Jewel presented the history of Broadway Park Plat who is a historian at the Whatcom Museum.

Meeting ended at 8:30 PM

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